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    “Thank you for all your help this morning with our emergency on the above case. I want you to know that this office greatly appreciates your support and professionalism. We are a group of dedicated people and we appreciate working with like-minded people as yourself. We could not have done this without your understanding the urgency as soon as we presented you with this challenge. We look forward to continuing to work with you and My Motion Calendar.” – Eli M., Office Manager

    “MyMotionCalendar comes through in a pinch for the emergency that takes you away from your appearance or even to avoid the routine appearances.” – John M., Tampa, FL

    “You guys do a great job. You confirm my request immediately, and assign a coverage attorney right away. For the second case, the attorney even came into our office to speak with us about the case and to get all the information he needed. He was very nice and professional.” – Sandra P., Miami, FL

    “MyMotionCalendar.com provides competent, courteous and professional counsel. I have no hesitation in placing my trust in their team of fine attorneys.” – Tom S., Chicago, IL

    “The Attorneys are extremely nice and professional. I was in a real bind, the hearing I thought had been cancelled had not been canceled, and even though I didn’t find out until the day before the hearing, I was assigned a Coverage Attorney right away. He even came out to my office to discuss the case with me so that he would be better prepared.” – Richard S., Long Island, NY

    “MyMotionCalendar has allowed our firm to expand in a cost efficient manner. The service is excellent.” – George C., Ft. Lauderdale, FL

    “MyMotionCalendar takes the stress out of serving as local counsel. The process is streamlined and efficient, and being part of the MyMotionCalendar team provides exposure I would not otherwise receive.” – Dawn F., Virginia

✓    “While I may be the person going to court, it’s the staff at MyMotionCalendar that work behind the scenes to make sure that I have everything that I need to meet the clients needs! It’s truly a team effort at MyMotionCalendar!” – Richard P., Florida

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