MyMotionCalendar.com provides local counsel nationwide who attend hearings and other legal proceedings on behalf of other lawyers, law firms, and corporate legal departments. Our secure online platform manages your cases, automates the process, and streamlines the process. To use our system, you must use Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox or Chrome.

New clients can create an account and place an order. Attorneys interested in working with us can also apply online.

Answers to Our Frequently Asked Questions
What is MyMotionCalendar.com?

MyMotionCalendar.com is a specialty staffing firm and nationwide provider of local counsel. Our attorneys are independent contractors who live and practice locally; they have strong relationships with their community and judiciary. Our attorneys cover hearings, mediations, depositions and provide substantive legal work to law firms, corporate legal departments, trustees, insurance companies and REO asset managers, among others.

How does it work?

To learn more about how MyMotionCalendar.com’s system works, click here.

I have an urgent need, can MyMotionCalendar.com help?

Yes! Anywhere, anytime. Create an account and make a reservation online. Or, if it is last minute, call us at (877) 670-6776.

What do I need to know about making a reservation?

Once you have created an account, you can make a reservation online through our secure website. The “New Reservation” form gives you the opportunity to provide all pertinent hearing information, documents, detailed guidance and instruction to the local counsel. You may also request a conference call at the time of placing the reservation.

MyMotionCalendar.com does not in any way instruct the covering attorneys on how to handle a matter. It is solely the client’s responsibility to provide all of the necessary information to the local counsel.

Should I disclose the use of MyMotionCalendar.com to my clients?

You should disclose the nature of the services provided by MyMotionCalendar.com if your clients would likely consider this information material.

You absolutely should inform your clients that one of our attorneys will be handling the matter if your client is planning on attending. No one likes surprises.

In addition, you should consider including language to the effect that “local counsel may be used from time to time” in your retainer agreement.

How are conflicts handled?

Both the hiring attorney/firm and the local counsel have an obligation to review the matter for potential conflicts in accordance with Bar rules. If there is any conflict with any party, the local counsel cannot participate in handling or assisting with the matter in any way.

In our experience, our local counsel are VERY proactive about this.

What about confidentiality?

Like any contract attorney, local counsel is bound by all rules regarding confidentiality under the Bar rules and must not disclose any confidential information obtained during the course of assisting the client.

What about attorney-client privilege?

The documents and information you provide us and the local attorney should include documents and information readily available to the public on a clerk of court’s website. Anything more would fall under the “functional equivalent” exception. For more information click here.

What documents does the local counsel need?

Hiring a local counsel is a partnership. Hiring a local counsel does not obviate you of your duties and responsibilities as the attorney on this case.

You, the hiring attorney, have the same responsibilities you would have as the supervising attorney on this case, i.e. you are responsible for making sure the local counsel timely receives the documents, information, and instructions needed so they can be properly prepare for and represent you and the client.

The local counsel needs all of the pleadings and information that you, or any attorney in your firm, would need to handle the same matter. Detailed instructions and documents can be uploaded online as part of the reservation process.

Be thorough. The more you prepare the local counsel, the more likely you will obtain the results you are looking for!

Can I communicate with the local counsel?

Yes! You can communicate with our local counsels regarding any matter at any time through our case management system. You can also request a conference call at any time, and we will schedule it for you. In addition, our dedicated staff is available at any time to answer your questions.

How and when do I receive results from the local counsel after the hearing?

Results are emailed to you with the necessary orders or other attachments by the end of day, or by noon of the following day at the latest.

The results form will include all details including who was in attendance, arguments made, judge’s ruling and attached orders or other documents that you will need.

I am an attorney and I registered, but I haven't received any cases. Why?

Filling out an application to join our network does not guarantee you will receive hearings from us. We first interview and vet all applicants, including running background checks, and this takes time.

We also have long established relationships with attorneys that work with us everyday. We are loyal to them and keep them busy because they have consistently shown they are professional, responsive, and trustworthy. This is why clients use us! We do want to work with you, but it can take time.

What are the rates?

MyMotionCalendar.com charges a fee for the hiring and temporary contracting of the local counsels in our network. Rates vary based on the location, type of matter(s), and volume. Our rates are typically $75 to $250 per matter. Contact us for specific rates.

How is payment handled?

Payment is not due until after the matter is completed. During the registration process you will be asked for a credit card. If you would like to be invoiced please contact us to fill out a credit application. Payment is due upon completion of the service(s) rendered.

Can I request a specific local counsel?

Of course! We encourage our clients and local counsels to develop strong relationships so that you truly feel like you have an “associate” at the courthouse representing you and your clients.


Can I hire one of MyMotionCalendar's attorneys directly?

We are in the business of providing excellent attorneys to assist our clients. As such, our attorneys are our most valuable assets. Both our clients and local counsels agree to non-circumvent, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements.

Nonetheless, if you would like to hire one of our attorneys directly, we operate as a staffing firm and charge a conversion fee. Please call us for more details, (877) 670-6776.

Can I hire MyMotionCalendar as my attorney?

MyMotionCalendar.com is not a law firm, does not engage in the practice of law and does not offer any of its services to the general public. Nor do we provide referrals to the public.

For FAQ’s specific to Local counsels, please click here.

Still have questions? Please contact us. Our staff is happy to assist!

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