Coverage Attorney Best Practices Directive expects each of its employees and Coverage Attorneys to carefully review this Best Practices Directive and to ensure compliance with these expectations. The following expectations are binding requirements for all our Coverage Attorneys. These expectations apply to any and all matters in which represents any of our clients. Failure to comply with these requirements may subject, at MyMotionCalendar’s discretion and without notice, Coverage Attorneys to immediate termination, among other things.

Quality Legal Representation

Conduct of Representation’s Coverage Attorneys are responsible for the conduct of routine litigation matters assigned to them, and for compliance with this Directive and their respective Bar rules. All legal decisions and direction should be made by the client firms, as MyMotionCalendar is not a law firm.
Your attendance specifically is required at the hearing. Hearings assigned to you cannot be covered by another attorney, even if that other attorney is a member of your firm. You are appearing on behalf of our client firm and it is expected that you will conduct and represent their firm professionally. If asked, you should inform the court that you are appearing on behalf of the Law Offices of (firm name).   Please avoid intimating that you are “just a coverage attorney” or “here on behalf of MyMotionCalendar.” If client firm’s witness or their client is in court, please conduct yourself as if this were your own case.  Be courteous and informed.
Conflicts of Interest requires that Coverage Attorneys run their own conflict checks to make sure that there are no issues with Coverage Attorneys and the cases they are covering. Every Coverage Attorney is reminded to review each case for potential conflicts on each request for coverage, and should do so before confirming attendance.
Document Signatures and Preparation Coverage Attorney does not execute any documentation on behalf of the client firm’s clients. Coverage Attorney will file a notice of appearance on behalf of the firm in counties where same is required.  Furthermore, coverage counsel will sign mediation documentation as required and with complete authority from client and client representative present in person or by telephone at the mediation. is not responsible or liable for any documentation filed by the law firm that does not comply with legal standards as set forth above.
Coverage Attorneys for are required to carry professional liability insurance. Clients that require Coverage Attorneys to carry insurance will work only with MMC’s Coverage Attorneys who carry such insurance. A copy of the current declaration page is provided to and Coverage Attorney is responsible for submitting an updated copy upon renewal date. The same is kept on the Coverage Attorney profile and provided to clients when requested for audits.
No Short Cuts prides itself in never taking any short cuts or treating a hearing as “just another hearing.” Coverage Attorneys are required to be prepared for every hearing they are assigned.  Coverage Attorneys are encouraged to ask questions and communicate with the law firm to make sure that they have a full understanding of the matter they are attending.  Conference Calls are welcomed and encouraged.  If you would like to speak with the Attorney of Record, please schedule a conference call through the site or by calling support so that we can facilitate the call and answer your questions. Coverage Attorneys are also given the escalation matrix within so they can contact the appropriate person within the company that needs to review and address the issues at hand.  Coverage Attorney may not take actions that affect negatively the quality, accuracy, transparency, completeness or professionalism of any court appearance or otherwise affects negatively the quality of legal representation provided to the clients or the duties owed by counsel to the court. An attorney must review all legal documents and correspondence in full before they are filed or sent. If Coverage Attorney is asked or encouraged to take short cuts of any kind, they must notify immediately.
Prepare for your hearing in advance when possible. Documents should be reviewed and printed before arriving in court. If Coverage Attorney is missing documents, the support team is more than happy to assist in obtaining whatever is needed to be successful in court. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for what is needed. If Coverage Attorney notices something about that case that may have been overlooked, they are obligated to let the client firm know promptly.
Coverage Attorney must plan to arrive at least 10 minutes early prior to scheduled hearing time. In the event of an emergency, please contact MyMotionCalendar’s support team as soon as possible.
Results must be entered by the end of the same day using MyMotionCalendar’s online “Report Results” function. Coverage Attorney must be descriptive in his or her report, but keeping in mind that everything entered can be viewed immediately by the client firm.  You are the eyes and hears of the client in court.  Coverage Attorney must include who was in attendance, if the hearing went before a Judge, and what arguments were raised by all attending parties.  Details are appreciated. Hearing results must also include a copy of all documents presented by any opposing party at the hearing and Orders issued by the court. Hearing results must include detailed figures and dates. You must request a specific date from the court when the matter is continued, set for a subsequent hearing, or there’s a deadline set.

Customer Protection

Coverage Attorneys must review documents received to be filed with the court and if necessary omit Social Security Numbers, account/loan numbers and other personally identifiable customer information in court filings or correspondence that are or will become public record. If the use of SSNs or account/loan numbers is permitted or required, only the last four digits may be used. Coverage Attorneys are prohibited from sharing any client specific information with any other party without informed consent of the client. Please reference local Bar rules regarding client confidentiality of information and obtaining informed consent of client to share information. Also see federal regulations such as FDCPA and Gramm Leach Bliley for additional privacy rules and considerations.
Regarding The Use of Originals
All original documents must be treated with highest security and stored in a fireproof safe when available. In the event the Original Documents are not filed with the court; the Originals must be mailed back to firm within 3 business days of completing the appearance for which they were used, unless otherwise specified by firm. Method used must include a tracking number and be communicated to the firm upon reporting results.
Data Security
Customer information must be protected and secured at all times. Access should be controlled and limited to those attorneys and support staff engaged in the representation of the clients. assumes that the law firms have advised their clients that information is being sent to, through its secure website, as necessary to prepare for the upcoming hearing. com will never request information not needed to properly and effectively argue a matter before the tribunal. See Appendix III on system Security.
Debtors Wishing to Settle
Coverage Attorney MUST immediately notify, who will in turn immediately notify the law firm, if a debtor expresses interest and ability to settle, pay-off, or otherwise resolve the default issue without litigation, as we believe that motion practice should be pursued only when it is clear that a reasonable negotiated resolution of the issue cannot be achieved prior to applicable filing deadlines. Law firms will then be responsible for communicating and negotiating said request and advising their clients of same. Coverage Attorney does not have authority to make settlement agreements unless the firm has given specific direction to do so in their instructions.
Loss Mitigation
Coverage Attorney MUST immediately notify com, who will promptly notify the law firms (its clients) if a borrower expresses an interest in loss mitigation options, such as a loan modification, a short sale, forbearance, a deferment or an extension.

Clarity. Transparency. Accuracy.

Due Care expects that all filings, pleadings, and representations made in court be accurate, transparent, clear and professional. Sloppiness will not be tolerated. We expect all statements of fact made by Coverage Counsel to any court to be fully and entirely accurate.
Contact Information
Coverage Attorney should provide accurate contact information, including address in which overnight packages can be received and cell phone in the event of an emergency. This information must be updated as soon as possible when a change is made.
Compensation should only be discussed between Coverage Attorney and MyMotionCalendar. Coverage Attorney should never involve client firm in matters regarding compensation. MyMotionCalendar pays Coverage Attorneys directly, therefore Coverage Attorneys should NOT send an invoice to either MyMotionCalendar or client firm, but rather can track the amount due to them under “My Earnings” on their Dashboard online. All billing inquiries should be directed to support.
Direct Contact with Clients
Coverage Attorneys are allowed and encouraged to engage in direct contact with the law firms and attorneys in the preparation for attendance at a hearing or mediation. However, conference calls facilitated by MyMotionCalendar are the preferred method and any emails to the firm should copy

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