Compliance & Risk Management

MyMotionCalendar is committed to quality.

Our compliance program is two-fold. Our Internal Compliance program ensures our local counsel meet our high level of professional standards, as well as our clients’ requirements. Our “Audit Ready” Compliance program details all of our policies and procedures, standards and requirements and is always available to our clients with full reporting and analytics. The following comprises MyMotionCalendar’s compliance program:

All information transferred and stored on our platform is protected by our industry-leading IT security, SSL data encryption, and privacy safeguards. The platform is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Learn more about our IT Platform & Security.
Our platform ensures the law firm, its data, and documents are compliant with privacy safeguards required by services and federal laws such as Gramm Leach Bliley. The platform is SSAE16 and ISO 27001 security certified.
Disaster Recovery
Our platform utilizes AWS’ robust disaster recovery program. In addition, our Compliance Manual provides our internal escalation matrix, emergency procedures, key contact information, as well as details of our emergency office facilities.
Vetting Process
We interview all local appearance counsel applicants to determine their eligibility by evaluating their skills, experience, and substantive knowledge. You can be sure you will never have a first year graduate handling your important case. Learn more about our attorneys.
Background Checks
Every local appearance counsel undergoes a criminal background check.
Bar Standing
We verify that each local appearance counsel is eligible to practice law and is in good standing with their respective state’s Bar Association. Our software monitors and verifies this information quarterly.
We maintain a copy of each attorney’s insurance policy in their personnel file and monitor the expiration date. In addition, MyMotionCalendar carries its own umbrella insurance policy.
Personnel Records
Each local appearance counsel’s personnel file contains their resume, proof of insurance, W-9, bar number, background check and completed Local Appearance Counsel Certification Form.
Conflicts Check
We understand how important avoiding conflicts are. Every request that is sent to local appearance counsel reminds them to review the matter for conflicts before confirming they will cover the matter.
In preparation for a client audit, we provide our clients with each local appearance counsel’s personnel file, our most recent Policies and Procedures Manual, and all necessary reports.
Automated Reminders
Every night, local appearance counsel receives an email with their schedule for the following day. Local appearance counsel also receives a daily reminder to provide the results of all hearings they attended so that the firm can promptly report results to their client.
Alerts for Law Firms
The system reminds firms to upload documents and provide details and instructions for reservations.
Business Intelligence Reports and Analytics
Easily identify trends, success rates, exceptions, and provide detailed reports and visual graphs for use during an audit with our business intelligence reports and analytics. With the click of a link, management can determine in real time which cases are confirmed/unconfirmed and complete/not complete.
We maintain all contracts between local appearance counsel, MyMotionCalendar and our clients.
Continued Training
We facilitate and verify attendance for the law firm’s training with local appearance counsel.
Upon request, we provide each client with our compliance manual. Clients may use this document during client audits to quickly and easily answer clients’ questions regarding the management of third party vendors like MyMotionCalendar. To request a copy of our compliance manual, please contact us.

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