Our Team

Jonathan Broder, Esq.
Founder & CEO
Jonathan is an attorney by background, turned recruiter, turned entrepreneur. Jon started a staffing company and MMC in 2010. A Nebraska native, Jonathan has lived in South Florida for over 10 years. He earned his J.D. from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago in 2004 and is licensed in the state of Florida, although he (happily) does not practice! Jon lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL with his dog Mymo, who is also the company's official mascot!
Julia Aquino
An entrepreneur, hard-working mom, breast cancer survivor, and business coach. Throughout her 20-plus years of experience in process development and strategic, financial and operations management, Julia has had the opportunity to spend plenty of time on all sides of the business world: running her own company, as an executive, and often being hired as a consultant to “fix” issues at small and medium-sized businesses. Julia believes success comes with clearly defined processes, strategic alignment, and a strong foundation to support growth, but most importantly, the mindset of its leadership.
Amy Cooper
VP, Director of Business Development
Amy joined the company in 2012 and has been a key contributor to the company's growth and success. Amy has that amazing skill of becoming friends with anyone and everyone almost immediately! She also has the rare ability to tackle operations issues as well as business development. Amy grew up in St. Petersburg, FL and is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. Amy lives in Miami, FL with her husband and two cats Disco and Cookie.
Khesia Fields
Director of Client Relations & Attorney Management
Denise Prado
Gwen Brown
Client Manager
Tara Mettler
Compliance Manager

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